DIY Bibs (the best and the easiest)

You know when you need bibs. The baby wants food, but is supper messy and you don’t want to be changing her outfit all day long. Yes, that’s the moment when you need bibs. The problem is that a lot of bibs just don’t cover enough surface area and are easily torn off. And then I discovered pullover bibs! They’re fantastic! They cover a lot of area and baby girl can’t rip the off. I also realized that they are incredibly easy and cheap to make, so I made a whole bunch! Here’s the finished product.IMG_20141001_171321

Want to make some? Of course you do. Alright let’s get started.


  1. Kitchen towels (also known as tea or dish towels)
  2. Ribbing fabric (can be bought at any fabric store. Its just a special type of stretch knit fabric. You see it most often on the sleeves and bottoms of sweaters)
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing machine
  5. Matching thread
  6. Pins
  7. Paper and pencil


  1. Make a circle pattern for the head hole. Make it by making a dot on your paper and draw multiple lines of 2 inches from that dot. The diameter should be 4 inches, but you could make it bigger if you wanted.IMG_20141001_151213
  2. Cut your towels in half and hem sides you just cut.IMG_20141001_151938
  3. Using your head hole pattern place it centered half towel 2 inches from the top. Pin down and cut out.IMG_20141001_152431
  4. Cut out 13 by 3 inch pieces of ribbing with the stretch going in the lengthwise direction.IMG_20141001_154041
  5. Sew the ribbing together right side to right side, so that it forms a circle. Now fold it in half lengthwise, so that you can no longer see the inside seam.IMG_20141001_192909
  6. Strectch, pin, and sew the ribbing to the head hole right side to right side. (Be sure to be using a stretch stitch for this part) then zigzag stitch over the raw edges to keep from fraying. (I used a serger for my finished edge, but it’s not necessary. A zigzag stitch will do just fine)IMG_20141001_192811

That’s it! Your done. Now let that baby experiment with food. I know my baby girl certainly enjoys it. Here she is wearing her bib all ready to go. Happy sewing!IMG_20141001_181521


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